List of Services

Routine consult
Health screening and blood test
Travel vaccination and food handlers vaccination
Skin care (Acne, pigmentation, wrinkles, eczema, skin allergy)
Weight loss treatment
Stop smoking treatment
Medical Check up
Maid, work permit and pre-employment
Pre-admission to university and polytechnic
Driving licence renewal
Application for PR and social visit
Haj pilgrimage
Procedures and minor surgery
Wound dressing and surgery
Removal of boils, lumps and foreign bodies
Ear, eye and oral syringing
Asthma nebulisation
Urinary catheterisation
Joint injection
IV drips
Babies and children health
Baby vaccination
Childhood cough management
Asthma and bronchitis management
Skin and nose allergy management
Development assessment
Appetite and nutrition advice
Women’s health
Premarital screening
Family planning and contraception
Pregnancy (before and after delivery)
Menstruation problem
Pap smear and breast examination

Men’s health
Hair loss
Sexual problems (Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation)
Male menopause
Urinary problems

Health screening
From basic to comprehensive packages

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